About The Conference


All Are Welcome!

All Are Welcome!

What is the event about?
This conference seeks to engage those who attend on a journey to begin to address, reconcile, and heal the areas of pain, disconnect, misunderstanding, and hurt within the LGBTQA community and those who are connected to this community. This conference is by no means a remedy for all, however, it is the beginning of the healing process…come start your journey.

Why should people cone and who should come?
This conference is for anyone who has experienced a hurt that is worth a healing. This is not only for those in the LGBTQA community. This is for the lost, the broken, the abused; this is for allies and community members; parents and partners; advocates and teens; corporate executives and gas station attendants; any and everyone who cares about the issues that are prevalent in our community.

How long will it last?
This is a one-day event featuring national and local facilitators who are highly trained in their fields. The Healing the Hurt Conference Series will be an annual event that will incorporate different topics in need of healing each year.



Bishop Dr. Yvette Flunder
Evening Worship

Rev Keron R Sadler
Rev. Keron Sadler
Luncheon on Health Disparities

Rev. Derrick Weston
Youth Symposium
Rev Steven Tuell
Rev. Steven Tuell
For The Bible Tells Me So
La'Tasha D. Mayes
La’Tasha D. Mayes
Creating Systematic Change
Rev. Bob Maravalli
Healthy Relationships
Michael David Battle
Michael David Battle
The Other Brother
Michelle Snyder
The New Modern Family

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